Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Machine Base?

Most Machine Manufacturers will insist on a base for your machine. This is to help guarantee the performance and operation of your machine and keep you up and running.

Do I need a Ground / Soil Core survey?

Our Ground Investigation Survey goes down up to 6m to find out the build up of your sub-floor and ground to calculate exactly what the base requires to be of solid construction.

What If I Don’t Have a Base Installed?

If you run a heavy loading machine on a standard factory floor without knowing its build underneath you run the risk of the machines vibrations and movements destroying your floor and creating a potentially dangerous situation.

How Much Will It Cost?

To get a true cost we would need all relevant structural base requirements for each machine and also the existing ground make up

What Areas Do You Cover?

We are able to operate national so distance is not a problem.

What about dust?

A polythene tent is erected at the start of the works around the work area and water control is used throughout any cutting and excavation works to minimise any dust levels.

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